LUXURY precious crystal design collection by Antoaneta Dzoni

The velvety aroma of the wine says to the crystal chalice “Love me as an idol”.
Emotion transforms the aroma into a dancer and one can hear imaginary music
and see the delicate Jasmine greet the Violet at the down of day. The noble
Orange Blossom opens the door at the mysterious Incense. Whispering “Love
me, I am the Cup of Life”.
The Cup of Life releases the immense harmony which envelops everyone.
Jasmine, very much in love, wants to declare her love to Violet who is clever
and very small but has understood the love Jasmine feels for her.
Violet tries to interpret what the thin line of smoke arising from the “mystic”
Incense is revealing, hoping for a chance meeting with Jasmine who is holding
a crystal ball.
Violet, with feminine ease, emits her delicate aroma and places it between
Jasmine’s sensual petals. The dance movements are slow, keeping pace with
the antique music.
Violet and Jasmine move away from each other, aroma on aroma. The fragrance
they left behind lingers on through the centuries in the Cup of Life.
Many stories and legends, are closed in the LUXURY PRECIOUS CRYSTAL
DESIGN COLLECTION. You, too, will se reflected in the Cup of Life your story
which only you can interpret.
Crystal is Brilliance, Resonance, Transparency.

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