Antoaneta Dzoni is an honorary citizen of Colle di Val d’Elsa. Since the 1970s
Ms. Dzoni has exhibited her work in numerous countries and art galleries. With
time she has earned a prestigious role in the Contemporary Art world.
Ms. Dzoni is an eclectic and original artist and her art is characterized by a
chromatic visual color balance, an expression which comes from her
Byzantine-Slavic-Illyrian (Balkan) origins.

Poetry is Ms. Dzoni’s passion. The year 1967 finds her in Siena for the
summer courses at the School of Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners
(now the University for Foreigners), having won a scholarship for attendance
there that summer.

Her initiation into the magic of Siena which opens its heart to all who visit: Cor
Magis Tibi Sena Pandit (Siena Opens Its Great Heart), illuminated the young
student and appealed to her internal search of self.

Her driving and strong individualism, due to her antique origins, created in her
both melancholy and passion which, from the beginning, are visible in her art.
She translated poets such as Aragon, Fiorentino and Neruda into the macedonian
language, she knows various aspects of medieval symbology and is passionate
of her study of the Sibille Profetesse (Foreseers) represented on the floor of the
Cathedral of Siena.

Ms.Dzoni has always been aware of what is extraordinarily beautiful but it
seems to her to be just beyond her reach.

She was invited to The International Festival of Poetry at Struga on Lake Ocrida
in Macedonia, where she was awarded special mention.

Antoaneta Dzoni continues her artistic pursuit and has realized in fine crystal
her design collection.

She has learned to model and engrave crystal assisted by the capable and
professional staff of the artisans at Colle Vilca. The insignificant mass of crystal
in movement become, through fatigue and personal artistic expression, a true
work of her art.

Dzoni’s crystal art works become her poetry.

Her art gives to others the sentiment of admiration and sublimity.

Dott. Yuri Bruni